The Giant Swing in front of Wat Sutat

The Giant Swing in front of Wat Sutat

The Giant Swing in front of Wat Sutat

The Giant Swing in front of Wat Sutat is one of the most recognised symbols of Bangkok. Many wonder if one can really make use of such an enormous swing. Today, Elephant Go Go has the answers to the use and the history of this famous Giant Swing. 

The Giant Swing was built during the reign of Phra Buddha Yotfa Chulalongkorn king (Rama I). It was used for a Brahmin New Year ceremony called Triyampawai, which was considered the grandest ceremony in Bangkok. The ceremony was held every year in January and according to the Brahmin belief, it was the period in which Shiva comes down to Earth.

The ceremony starts with a parade of aristocrats and noblemen, representing the Hindu god Shiva. A Brahmin priest is raised on the swing on 3 boards, using 4 people per board, totalling to 12 people in raising the priest to the top. This ritual spans across two days from the morning of the 7th lunar day to the evening of the 8th lunar day.

The location of the Giant Swing was considered the centre of Bangkok and Wat Sutat Thepwararam was constructed next to the Giant Swing to signify the importance of Buddhism and Hinduism. Hinduism entered Thailand since Sukhothai period and it is intertwined in the history and culture of Thailand.

Aside from the use of the Giant Swing in the Brahmin ceremony, Thais also believed that the building of a swing gives the city its stability and peace. The Giant Swing has become an important place of worship for the people in Bangkok.

The swing ceremony was eventually discontinued in 1935 but the Giant Swing remains as a symbol of old Thai traditions and Hindu beliefs, which are deeply rooted in the Thai culture up to the present days. 

Anecdotes from Elephant Go Go

The surrounding area of the Giant Swing is home to many famous restaurants such as: 

  • Nai Ouan restaruant, serving delicious Yen Ta Fo Bateng for over 50 years
  • Rad Na Ching Kee restaurant, serving bowls of Rad Na for more than 80 years
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  • Many bakery and dessert shops such as Mont Nomsod

For those interested in visiting the Giant Swing, you can travel on Elephant Go Go Red Route and get off at Giant Swing stop