5 Places for Blessing to Be Rich

5 Places for Blessing to Be Rich

The belief in holy beings is ingrained in Thai people, as can be witnessed from the number of places of worship in the country.  Today, Elephant Go Go presents to you a list of 5 places known to bring wealth and prosperity to the worshippers. If you are ready, hop on and start exploring with Elephant Go Go.

Maha Lakshmi Mahadevi

According to Hindu belief, Maha Lakshmi Mahadevi, the wife of Phra Narai, is the goddess of fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Maha Lakshmi is known to stave off any obstacles in any commercial and business matters of the worshippers. Recommended things to bring along as offerings to Maha Lakshmi Mahadevi are pink lotus, sugar cane juice or mild tasting fruits such as coconuts.

Location : 4th floor (rooftop), Gaysorn Village
Hours : Everyday 10:00 – 18:00
Accessibility : Elephant Go Go Red route, Siam Paragon stop. Follow the sky walk to Gaysorn Village.

Erawan Shrine, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

The Erawan Shrine is one of the most important landmarks for Thais and foreigners as the shrine is well known for bringing good luck to the worshippers. This large statue in the heart of Bangkok shopping district is easily accessible and the place is almost always packed with worshippers days and nights. Many come to hire Thai dance troupes to perform dances in return for seeing their prayers answered.

The Brahma statue is highly respected for granting the worshippers their wishes. Each of the four faces of the Brahma statue represents different things so we recommend that you ask one of the Erawan Shrine foundation workers on the appropriate offerings to the Erawan Shrine. A usual offering includes 9 incense sticks and 2 candles.  

Location : Ratchaprasong Intersection, on the same side as Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok hotel
Hours : Everyday, 24 hours
Accessibility : Elephant Go Go Red route, Siam Paragon stop. Follow the sky walk to Ratchaprasong intersection. The Erawan Shrine is located at the corner of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel.

Phra Narai Song Suban, Inter Continental Hotel

Phra Narai or Vishnu is considered as the preserver of the universe and the deity of creation. As such, many worshippers come to pray for the success of their businesses. A popular offering to Phra Narai is something in yellow such as yellow flower garland and yellow colored Thai desserts.

Location : Ratchaprasong Intersection, in front of Inter Continental Bangkok hotel
Hours : Everyday, 24 hours
Accessibility : Elephant Go Go Red route, Siam Paragon stop. Follow the sky walk towards Gaysorn Village and continue to Inter Continental Bangkok hotel

Yee Kor Hong Shrine

Yee Kor Hong is extremely famous among gamblers as he is believed to be the god of luck. On the days leading up to the lottery drawing day, you will see worshippers flocking to the shrine to wish for fortune. Worshippers typically bring 5 incense sticks to pray to the worldly gods and deities, 9 incense sticks to pray to Yee Kor Hong, 1 incense stick each used for praying at the position of the left door and the right door of the shrine. You can also find script of the prayer in front of the shrine.

Location : 4th floor, Plub Pla Chai police station 1-2. 447 Pub Pla Chai road
Hours : Morning to evening but exact time is unknown
Accessibility : Elephant Go Go Blue route, Dragon Temple stop.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Sri Maha Mariamman temple, colloquially known as Wat Kaek, is an important place of worship in Hinduism.  The temple was constructed in the period of King Rama V as a place of respect for Sri Maha Mariamman, who is the avatar of Sri Maha Uma Devi, the goddess of kindness. Hence, many Thai and foreign worshippers visit the shrine to pray for love and children. All kinds of meat are not allowed into the shrine. Offerings are limited to flowers, dairy, fruits and Indian sweets made from milk and sugar.

Location : Silom road, at the beginning of Soi Thanon Pan
Hours : Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 16:00
Accessibility : Elephant Go Go Blue route, Sri Maha Mariamman temple stop.