Ruamkatanyu Foundation

Ruamkatanyu Foundation

Experience 24-hour merit making at Ruamkatanyu Foundation, Wat Hua Lamphong branch with Elephant Go Go on the red route.

It is believed among the Thai Chinese buddhists that donation towards coffins for the deceased without relatives and worshipping Chinese Gods will help strengthen your fortunes and stave off any misfortunes.

Once you arrive, make your way to the coffin donation area. Section A (marked in the photo) is where you can write your name, last name and birth date and a short wish on a gold leaf. This gold leaf will become part of a buddha statue casting.

Section B (marked in the photo) is the donation table. Write your name, last name and your desired donation amount or you can opt for the 500 baht donation package which includes a coffin and a set of white cloth.

According to buddhist belief, offering gold leaves is virtually like making a contribution of real gold in the casting a buddha statue and will present many merits to the worshipper.

The staff member will hand you two pieces of paper.  The pink one is for the coffin donation. The orange one is a certificate of donation. Write you name and signature on the pink paper (as pictured) and proceed with the papers inside.

Once inside, make your way toward area C (as marked in the photo) to glue the back of your pink paper. Don’t forget to keep the orange paper and watch your belongings.

Bring your pink paper to Area D. Make a wish and stick the paper onto an empty space on one of the white coffins.

Next, bring the orange paper or the certificate of donation to the area of God Worshipping. The worship is divided into 6 spots.  For auspices, put your palms together in a ‘wai’ (Thai greeting) position and set your mind firmly to your prayers.

Spot 1: the Gods of Heaven and Earth (Tee Gong – Tee Tee Pae Po)
Chinese culture has long believed in spirits on the Earth and lives after deaths in Heaven. Worshipping the holy spirit and the spirit of your ancestors will bring peace and prosperity to the family. Worshipping the Gods of Heaven and Earth is also a way of showing gratitude to your ancestors. Many believe that the Gods of Heaven and Earth are protectors of the worshippers from any harms.  For the Thais, worshipping the Gods of Heaven and Earth is also believed to bring good weather and fertility for their farming.

Spot 2: Sa Gong God
Chinese buddhists believe that worshipping Sa Gong God will bring prosperity, good health and long life.

Spot 3: Pu Soam, Ah Ma, Pu Piam
Pu Piam (Grandma Piam) is a famous secular worshipper known for his black magic. He is deeply respected by many, especially by the volunteers of the Ruam Katanyu foundation.

Spot 4: Guan Yin Goddess
In Chinese buddism, Guan Yin is Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion. She is also known as Goddess of Mercy.

Spot 5: Guardian Spirits

Spot 6: Tiger God
Tiger god is a popular God to worship for those looking for prestige and power. There is also fortune telling using Chi Chi sticks by holding the wooden stick holder and shaking it until one stick falls out. That stick has a number on it and it presents your future fortune. You can find the prediction according to your number at the Chi Chi stick result cabinet.
In the last spot, clasp your hands together to make a wish, instead of lighting up the incense sticks.

***Remarks: due to air pollution problem which has impacted people’s health, Ruamkatanyu Foundation would like to participate in the campaign to solve this problem by asking everyone to refrain from burning the incense sticks. The foundation has big incense sticks lit up all the time for anyone who would like to worship and recite their prayers.

Lastly, burn your certificate of donation and leave it in the designated burning pot. This marks the end of the worship.

**Recommendation** The results of the shaking of Chi Chi sticks can be found at the cabinet. Typically, if you receive a good fortune, Thais would bring back the result paper back for good luck. Alternatively, you can also read your fortune in the book provided.

Before you leave, stop by to ring the bells and drums in front for more good fortunes. It is thought of as a way to let the gods and fairies know of your merit making. Some also believe that this auspicious act will increase your fame to be as loud as the sound of the bells and drums.

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Travel safely with Elephant Go Go to Ruamkatanyu Foundation at Wat Hua Lamphong stop on the Red Route. See the best of Bangkok and savor the City atmosphere on your entire ride there.