5 Delicious Restaurants Red Line Elephant Go Go

5 Delicious Restaurants Red Line Elephant Go Go

The Red Line on Elephant Go Go bus route is not only packed with cultural and historical attractions, but it also contains a number of renowned restaurants and cafes. Today, we bring you a selection of 5 delicious restaurants to try.


If this is your first visit to Bangkok and you are not sure where to begin, Flavors is a great starting point. The restaurant offers international buffet with jam packed flavors (hence the name).  The menu includes Thai, Italian, Japanese and indian dishes, plus a salad station. Flavors is located at the Renaissance Hotel. Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple or a family, Flavors will satisfy your taste buds.

If you are travelling on Elephant Go Go Red Line, get off at Siam stop and head towards the Erawan Shrine. Renaissance hotel is located next to Amarin Plaza. The restaurant is open for breakfast (06:00 – 10:30), lunch (11:30 – 14:30) and dinner (18:00 – 22:30). You can also visit the famous Erawan Shrine for good fortune after a delicious meal.


Bawarchi Indian-Restaurant

Bangkok is a multicultural city, which can be observed by the influences on its architecture as well as its cuisine. Known as the world’s capital of food, Bangkok offers unparalled options of international cuisines.  

Today, Elephant Go Go has an authentic and vegetarian friendly Indian restaurant on recommendation. Bawarchi Indian Restaurant, located at Intercontinental Hotel, is a 15 year old, award-winning Indian establishment. Bawarchi specializes in north-western Indian cuisine, known for the 400 degree celcius Tandoor oven, made from clay.

The dish not to be missed on the menu is roasted lamb. The lamb meat is imported from Mongolia and is extremely tender. The meat is roasted using the best herbs and spices from India. Cooked by an experienced Indian chef, all the dishes are guaranteed to deliver real, authentic taste.

Don’t forget to order a side of the homemade Naan bread with your mains and curries.

For those who are meat-free, vegetarian dishes are made separately in the kitchen. The recommended dish is whole broccoli, roasted with cheese. The aroma and the sweetness of the broccoli will have your mouth watering.

To get to the restaurant, you can get off at Siam stop on Elephant Go Go red line and continue on foot to Intercontinental Hotel, Floor B. Step into Bawarchi is like being transported to India, you will need to be reminded you are still in Bangkok. Opening hours: 11:00 – 24:00.

Home Cafe Tha Tien

Now, for a taste of local cuisine, Home Cafe Tha Tien is a small and cozy restaurant with big flavors. Service is quick, friendly and casual.

The restaurant offers a wide variety local dishes such as Pad Thai, Kua Gai and curries. Expect a crowd of local clientele, a testament to the authenticity of the dishes!

If you are visiting Wat Pho and are looking for a casual and affordable restaurant, head to Soi Tha Tien Maharaj (opposite from Wat Pho). The restaurant also serves all day refreshments and mouth-watering desserts. Open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 – 19:00 (Free Wifi)

Eat Sight Story

Another restaurant not to be missed around Tha Tien area is Eat Sight Story. Eat Sight Story serves authentic Thai cuisine amidst the mesmerizing view of Chao Praya River. The restaurant offers an almost unobstructed view of Wat Arun. Their specialty is Pad Thai and many claim it is one of the best in Bangkok. Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:00

Tom Yum Kung

Tom Yum Kung is a traditional Thai restaurant in Khaosan Road, known for its contemporary style cuisine, preserved from the period of King Rama V. The restaurant is also famous for fresh seafood and its homemade spicy and tangy dipping sauce. As the name suggests, the signature dish is the Tom Yum Kung Hot Pot. A sip of the soup and you will be blown away by the intoxicating flavors of lemongrass, lime, coconut milk and chilli.

 The restaurant also holds regular activities and events, especially around Thai and International festival. Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:00.